Make It Snow With the Jetpack Plug-in

I know many of you have a love/hate relationship with the Jetpack plug-in for WordPress.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, Jetpack is a free plug-in that offers some cool features that help to: Increase your traffic View your stats (LOVE them, I check...

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Your Business with a Virtual Business Manager

I could provide you with a laundry list that is a mile long of the different ways a VA or virtual business manager can make running your business so much easier, but instead I thought why not actually describe a day in the life of a business owner who has invested in...

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Casual Conversations or Billable Hours?

Sometimes what starts out innocently enough as a casual conversation, turns into what really should be billable hours for your business. We have all been there. You are at a networking event and someone you have never met before saunters over, business card in hand,...

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9 Ways to Make Your Blog Content POP

Did you know 20% of our brain is dedicated to visual processing—something that is as natural to us as breathing.  Many of us are visual learners.  We need to "see" a concept, rather than just reading about it, in order to really grasp it.  I think this is why making...

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"DO or DO NOT do.  There is no TRY." ~ Yoda