Happy Birthday to Me


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Happy Birthday to me.  It’s funny, I thought 49 would somehow feel different, but it doesn’t.  Just another day.  I am home, I am working and “talking” with you cool people now and it’s Friday.  You have got to love summer time Fridays.

I have been working on my blog and my website in general and also invested in some amazing training courses, which are helping me to get increase my traffic and my pageviews.  I have also stepped up my game on social media and am engaging more.  I connected with an amazing woman who I will be partnering with to create an entirely new income stream for my business and I am super-psyched about that.  That’s kinda simmering on the stove in the background.  More on that later.  Today’s post is also in a new format.  Let me know what you think.  Everyone seems to be using the wide-width page, not title and more graphics so you can leverage Pinterest.  It seems to be effective, so I thought I would try it here.  Would love your feedback

For today’s post, I was thinking about all of the recent updates I have seen in various Facebook groups of people looking for a VA to work with.  There were two things that stood out right right away:

Many of you are not looking for the typical administrative type of VA.  You really need someone who has more of a technical background to provide support around things like setting up your sales funnels, your webinars, curating content for social media and keeping your website up to date.

You have no idea what a person like this can cost and you can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that these are specialized skills and any VA worth a lick will have spent a considerable amount of time taking courses, paying for coaches and keeping up with the industry in general.

See here is the thing.  You get what you pay for.  Everyone has a budget in mind and a discount mindset.  Let me ask you something.  If your tooth hurt and you needed to go to the dentist – are you going to look for the cheapest dentist possible online, or would you go with a median or higher priced dentist?  You would probably opt for the more expensive one because you associate the cost with the level of service.  A really good dentist is going to make the pain go away and you will leave after paying that whatever it is has been taken care of.

Virtual professionals are exactly the same.  We can make the “pain” in your business go away by managing it for you, so you can focus on other things – like creating a new product, writing that book, or connecting with new clients.  We might be expensive, but at the end of the day, we provide a specialized service and can get things done in usually half the time it would take for you to do it.  That is time you can spend on your business, or quality time you can spend with your families.

I am off my soap box, but also thought about people who still need the support.  Is your business starting to gain traction?  Are your projects starting to overwhelm you?  Do you already have a list of items you want to delegate, but just don’t know to who?  I suggest you give me a call and let’s chat about what it is you are looking for in a virtual professional and what you exact needs are.  The summer is here and that is notoriously a slower time for me, so I am looking to take on 2 new clients. I don’t bill hourly.  I do customized packages for one flat price – half down to start, the balance on a pre-determined date.  You sign a contract so we both know what the expectations and deadlines are.  I created the package below based on what I have seen being requested in all of the Facebook groups I belong to.  We can tweak it.  Is it cheap, no.  Will you love it, yes.  And because I don’t believe in discounting, what I thought might be helpful, is if you share it with a colleague or fellow entrepreneur.  Instantly more affordable and I am paid what I am worth.  So check it out and reach out via my contact page if you are interested.


Newsletter content edits and scheduling – 4/month

Up to (8) blog posts uploaded and formatted

Content curation for (2) social media channels – daily

Blog post syndication for up to (10) blog posts – daily

Simple graphic design – quote images, blog graphics

Website content edits

Autoresponder/Opt-In Set-Up

Short Sales page creation for (1) product

Squeeze page creation for (1) opt-in

$800.00 for One Month of Support

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