Everyone talks about SEO, or search engine optimization.   I was talking to a potential client the other day and 20 minutes into the conversation, she admitted she didn’t have the first clue what SEO was and why I was stressing how important it was for her site.  I was floored, but then I quickly realized this was an actual “aha” moment for me.   Instead of trying to “impress” her with my knowledge, I should have been trying to “educate” her.  By switching the focus of the conversation, I made her feel completely comfortable to ask me more in-depth questions on SEO – what it was and why she needed it.  We spent another 15-20 minutes on the phone, but she was way more enthusiastic and she did make the decision to sign-on and become a client.  YAY!

Lesson learned!  When you are in business for yourself, all of the coaches tell you – “set yourself apart”, “establish yourself as the expert”.   While that isn’t incorrect, I think we often focus on how we come across to people and how WE are perceived and we end up losing sight of the fact that we started business with a main purpose – to be of service to others.  Yes, we want to do what we are passionate about and get paid for it, BUT that usually entails providing a service or a product to a client or customer.  We need to “educate” our potential clients and customers.  That one conversation showed me that more often than not, people are almost afraid to ask a question that will give the impression that they don’t know something.   The bottom line is, when someone approaches you about your business, or your service – don’t try and sell them.  Educate them on the benefits of your services.   It’s going to allow for several things to happen at once:

They WILL see you as the expert – because you took the time to carefully explain what it is you can do for them and how they can benefit from your services.

They will feel like they KNOW you – because you allowed them to get comfortable enough to ask the questions someone else didn’t take the time to answer.

They will begin to TRUST you – because you didn’t make them feel stupid and provided them with the information they needed to make an informed decision.

What is the “backbone” of social media?  You got it – KNOW, LIKE, TRUST.   Those three factors combine into a compelling sales message – and you didn’t have to really SELL them.  It’s all about relationship building people – and if you BUILD them, YES, they WILL BUY!

Make today AMAZING!