I wasn’t planning on posting today.  I had allocated time to just go through my site, check for broken links, update some more of my photos with alt tags (which I am being told is good for SEO) and a few tweaks here and there.  I am also playing around with a pop-up for my home page to drive opt-ins, because apparently even though I have an opt-in on every fecking page right at the top, I am not getting subscribers – and it is bumming me out BIG TIME.

Enough said about that.  What prompted me to sit down and write this post was a comment I just received on my post, “Time Management Tips for Your Side Gig“. (always add links to your content in your posts – also good for SEO).  Please see below.  It was from a lovely lady named Olivia Jade, who I have had no contact with before, but am connected to now on both her blog and on Twitter.  THIS is why social media ROCKS!   This is why I re-built my website and started blogging again.  Because while I would love and adore being paid pots of money for content and sponsored posts, etc. I really dig connecting with cool people.  And Olivia is one of those people.








Her comment snapped me out of my “lack-of-subscribers” funk and led me back to the reality that the number isn’t what I should be focusing on – it’s the quality.  And I would rather have just 1 or 2 Olivia’s, then 10,000 people who don’t comment, or lurk and have nothing to contribute.

You should definitely connect with Olivia today.  Here are the links to her website and her Twitter account.  You might also want to go straight to her post of April 8th, entitled, “Subconscious Cleanse for Success“.  Awesome!

Make today amazing!