Once upon a time the phrase, “Can I pick your brains?” was enough to make me want to stab you with my pen.  Yes that’s harsh, but nothing pissed me off more than someone who thought taking me for a $5 cup of coffee, entitled them to a business strategy session I normally charged $175/hr for.

I mean it always starts out innocently enough right?  It is usually someone you know, which makes it harder to say no.  So don’t.  Yes, I mean don’t say no.  Have the conversation, but leverage it to your advantage.  Why give away your expertise for “free”?

The next time someone approaches you about “picking your brain”, schedule a time and tell them you will do it gladly, provided they agree to a set list of 3-5 questions and are willing to do a live stream.

And before you start stressing over the details, think about it.  View this as an opportunity to showcase your expertise.  It is so easy to capture this entire conversation via Periscope or Facebook Live.  You can easily use your phone or tablet.  Once it’s done, you know have a recording you can add to your website, share via social media and much more.  And if they are not willing to do it, then this is a perfect opportunity to state you don’t offer free or complimentary sessions, because what you do is of value.

So turn that frown upside-down and just get over it (#ByeFelicia).  One or two good recordings can lead to opportunities you didn’t know existed for your business.

And let’s face it. We have all needed a little help every now and again.  Do it with a smile and watch it come back to you 3-fold.

Make today amazing!