I am often asked about what I do.  My friends and family don’t quite “get it” and wonder how I am able to earn money and still work from home.

My explanation for family, friends and prospective clients is always the same.  Next Level Consulting is a business consulting firm which offers a very unique approach to partnering with your business and achieving your goals.  We have a three-pronged approach when working with a new client.

  • First, we ASSESS your business – after your initial consultation, we set up your assessment session.  This session typically runs about 90 minutes.  During this session we will review your website (if you have one), your social media network, your business goals and any upcoming projects you are interested in having us provide you with support.
  • Then we STRATEGIZE – based on our conversation – we come back to you with a “plan” or a strategy which outlines how we can help you to achieve the business of your dreams.  Want to launch a new website with new branding?  We can plan that.  Need an editorial calendar for your blog posts?  We can help to suggest blog topics, strategic scheduling and how to curate great content that others in your market are providing.
  • Once you have focus and clarity around your PLAN – you often say now what?  How do I do all this stuff?  Well, that is where our team comes in and we help you to IMPLEMENT your plan.  We can help to build your new site, offer draft copy, pull together an entire social media marketing campaign to promote your product launch and much, much more.

So think of us as the “one stop shop” for the entrepreneur.  If there is a project you need completed and we don’t offer a package of services (or as we call them, “solutions”), then we can customize a package of hours to suit your needs.  If you are just looking for hourly virtual assistant support, we offer that too!

So the next time you are sitting at your desk, staring at your computer – wondering how you are going to get your business launched, your products promoted, your shopping cart updated – think of Next Level.  We offer a myriad of services for the online entrepreneur and we are looking to partner with a select few to help them achieve success.

Assess, Strategize, Implement!


Much success to you, Lisa Rodriguez, CEO, Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistant Services – “Delegate More, Free Your Time, Grow Your Business” – Take a moment to CONNECT with US today! Facebook Page | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ – Get Your Copy of Our Report, “10 Profitable Membership Ideas“.