I am sitting here today working on the sales pages for my upcoming social media boot camp (more on that later this week), and I realized many people don’t have the first idea how to get started with social media marketing.  Most are confused and even intimidated by the idea of setting up profiles, uploading photos and backgrounds – let alone what text to include in a profile to ensure it gets read.

What I wanted to do today is to offer those of you who already have profiles set-up, an opportunity to get connected to me and my business.  Let’s do some networking.  As a special incentive, I will pick the first 3 people who follow me on the different channels I provide links to here and will review their profiles for that specific channel, and give them some marketing ideas.  How does that sound?

All you have to do is take a first step.  Find me on:

and follow me, like me, invite me or add me to your circles.  In turn you will get a follow back – and 12 of you (3 from each channel) will get a written assessment via e-mail of how you can improve your profile and presence on that particular channel.

Now in order to keep this from getting out of hand – there is a specific TIME that this needs to take place – 2PM EST.  So come by, say Hi and let me know you are visiting because of today’s blog post.  I will set up specific posts where you can comment.  All at 2pm TODAY!  Eastern Standard Time.

It is a simple step you can take – just follow me.  Social media is so reciprocal.  Unless you are putting out tweets and content that is either not relevant to my audience, or offensive – I will follow you and so will most others.  You never know who you will get access to.  Many of my new business opportunities came from a follow and RT (re-tweet), or a comment on Facebook.  It doesn’t have to be hard and it is only as complicated as you truly want to make it.

So I am will see you at 2pm.  Also – I will list the first 12 followers in a blog post which will also get broadcasted out to my whole network – so come on!

Here’s to expanding your network and bringing in the business you truly deserve!  Stay tuned for more on my upcoming social media boot camp.  Still thinking about names, but the content is ready to go!


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