Summer has officially arrived and with the sunshine and warmer weather, comes the desire to seriously slack off.  Yes, I said it – seriously slack off!

While there is nothing wrong with “slacking off” occasionally – I mean we all need time off to re-charge – sometimes not being tied to your desk and your computer starts to feel a “little too comfortable” and you let things go.  Important things, like blogging, social media marketing and developing new programs.  BAD DECISION!

Well you have two options.  You can set yourself up for overwhelm, procrastination and a whole lot of stress because you are behind and your income has also eased up, OR you can PLAN to slack off and hire a VA to help you to really enjoy the time you are going to spend away from your business now that the nice weather has finally arrived (for those of us on the East Coast anyway).

So, if you are interested in OPTION 2 – planning your time away to play – we are offering a cool Memorial Weekend Deal.

If you sign on as a new client before Tuesday, May 28th – we will offer you what we normally only give to our clients making a 6 month commitment to working with us.  We are offering all new clients purchasing 20 hours or more a 10% discount.

Our rate: $40.00 includes everything (consulting, admin, techie stuff – except for HTML customization and graphic design)  X  20 hours/month = $800

With Our Memorial Day Promotion, a 10% discount = A Savings of $60 or $720/month

Book your consult now!  We have time available this Saturday to speak with you!  Click the button below to get started.

Yes! I Need Time Off!


We hope you go with OPTION 2 and plan for your time off – and for your success!


Much success to you, Lisa Rodriguez, CEO, Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistant Services “Delegate More, Free Your Time, Grow Your Business” – Take a moment to CONNECT with US today! Facebook Page | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ – Get Your Copy of our report, “10 Profitable Membership Ideas“.