Blogging can be the single most effective way to market your business and your services.

Yes, it takes time – you need to brainstorm topics, research them, edit the article, add keywords.  Blah, blah, blah.  Instead of focusing on what you need to do, let’s talk about what can happen if you DON’T.

You have a website, but you are not running a blog.  You are not sharing your point of view, you are not sharing your expertise and you are not creating content from your own branded site which can be used for social media marketing.

You have heard over and over again about the “know, like, trust” factor and how it directly impacts your ability to run an online business.   When people feel like they are getting to know you, they will begin to like you.  And when they know and like you – they feel as though they can trust you.  If they trust you, they will buy from you – and isn’t this the reason you started your business in the first place?  To make money?

So it goes to reason, if you are not blogging and sharing your own thoughts and expertise – how are you planning on connecting with people via social media?  I mean, if you are going to run and effective campaign – all roads should “lead to Rome”, or in this case – to your branded website.  Sharing other people’s content is great – but at the end of the day all that is really doing is driving traffic to their sites and expanding their network.  I share relevant content from other bloggers all the time, but 80% of what I put out to my social media channels is MY work – my articles, my thoughts, my promotions.  And guess what – it works!

Getting back to the title of this post – I blog and I blog frequently.  I used to blog every day and its my goal beginning in June of this year to get back to doing exactly that.  Had I NOT been blogging on a regular basis (which will also help your rankings on Google), I seriously doubt Stephen Canning at the Huffington Post would have found my article on generating tweets for Twitter – and he also wouldn’t have added a link to my article, giving me a TON of free traffic to my website that day.

So before you convince yourself that you don’t have time to blog – ask yourself how badly does your business need marketing and exposure.  And if the answer is now – we should talk!

Back to my blog……….


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