How do you build personal two-way relationships with your fans, without letting your social media life take over all your time? The key is to have a set of habits that you repeat over and over, without having to constantly stop and think about it.

Here’s how to make interacting with your fans easy.

Check @replies, @mentions and DMs Twice Daily

Check your @replies, your @mentions and your DMs once in the morning and once in the evening. Respond to anyone who’s talking to you or talking about you.

Once you’re done, don’t check it again until your next scheduled check time.

Don’t make the mistake of constantly checking your messages or your @replies throughout the day. Not only does this suck up time, but it breaks your concentration from other work.

Check your direct communication just twice daily. It’s enough to make sure you get back to everyone in a timely fashion, but not so much that it distracts you from other things.

Say Hi in the Morning

When you sign on in the morning, say “hi” to your Twitter feed. This lets people know you’re online and gets active users started on interacting with you.

Schedule Some, Do Some Live

Try to do a mix of live posting and scheduled posting.

If you do just scheduled posting, your tweets can come off a little clinical. It doesn’t have the spontaneous feel that a lot of Twitter users look for.

On the other hand, doing just live posting can be incredibly distracting. You’re constantly logging on Twitter, which keeps you from doing other things.

The best way to do it is to have a mix of both scheduling and live posting.

Message Active Fans Directly

Get in the habit of messaging your biggest fans directly.

If you don’t reach out and build a personal relationship with the people who’re following you, there’s a good chance they could lose interest in time.

But if you take the to drop them a “Thank You” note directly or to acknowledge them publicly through an @reply, they’ll follow you much more avidly.

Identify active fans and reach out.

Look for Ways to Systematize

Look for ways to systematize whenever possible. If you notice yourself doing something routine over and over again, look for a way to automate it.

For instance, if you find yourself checking your Twitter stats at the end of the day every day, why not sign up for a tool that will email you all the stats at a certain time every day?

Interacting with your fans doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. These tips will help you take the stress out of managing your social media, so you can be self-expressed and connect with your audience.


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