One of the biggest obstacles people have with social media is coming up with what to say.  On Twitter, it’s common for active users to tweet as often as 10+ times a day.  How on earth do you come up with 300+ unique tweets a month that people want to read?

These six ways will help.  If you’re feeling stuck, try using one of these six tweet ideas to help boost your creativity.

Idea #1: What’s the Elephant in the Room?

  • Is there something going on in your industry that people aren’t talking about?
  • If you’re in the marketing industry, are certain tactics dying off?
  • If you’re in the acting industry, why not address what actors should do if their acting careers aren’t covering their living expenses?

Address the elephant in the room.

Idea #2: What Would Generate a Heated Discussion?

Throw out a controversial question. Make sure to use a hashtag when you do this so people can have a Twitter chat argument amongst themselves.

Idea #3: What Are Your Competitors Talking About?

Make sure you’re following all your competitors and the other major players in your space.

Watch what other people are talking about. If one topic is particularly hot right now, don’t be afraid to jump in on that topic as well.

Idea #4: What Are Hot Hashtags in Your Industry?

Watch the tweets in your industry and look for hot hashtags. If a certain topic is gaining a lot of traction, throw in your two cents on the topic.

Try not to just jump on an existing bandwagon. Instead, start a new train of thought or offer a different perspective.

Idea #5: What Would I Say if I Were Fully Self-Expressed?

Ask yourself: If you were to really speak your mind, what would you say? If you weren’t worried about the consequences, if you weren’t trying to get traffic, if you weren’t worried about making people mad, what would you say?

Often times saying what’s truly on your mind is what will really get your audience to love you. Sure, a small part of your audience might leave – but they weren’t your true core followers anyway.

Idea #6: What Questions Are Unanswered?

In every industry there are always unanswered questions. Even in markets like weight loss, or internet marketing, where it seems like every topic has been addressed – there are still questions that simply haven’t been answered.

These might be niche specific. For instance, if you help moms with their fitness, you might talk about how to schedule workout time around their kids’ schedules.

These six ideas can give you a framework for coming up with all the tweet ideas you’ll ever need.  Come back and share how these tips helped you and how you are using them on Twitter!


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