I know you are probably shaking your head and wondering what in the world I am going on about.   I am here to offer a quick tip for those of us who consider ourselves “techie”, yet still have not managed to be completely organized, regardless of the access to all of the cool gadgets out there.   Today we are going to discuss calendars!

Like just about everyone on the planet – you have a smart phone right?  I am the proud owner of a Blackberry Torch.  No, I have not yet crossed over to the dark side and invested in an iPhone.  I don’t know who Siri is and I think she needs to mind her business.  I have been a Blackberry Girl since my corporate days.  There is just something about having an actual keyboard, rather than a virtual one – I can’t type on it.  It slows me down and that makes me nuts.

Anyway – getting back to our tip for today,  I have this amazing whiteboard calendar above my desk in my office.  I LOVE this thing….I can update it easily, it doesn’t need to be charged – you get the picture.  Well, it was getting confusing trying to coordinate my desk calendar, plus my online calendar, plus my Blackberry calendar.   So I just write everything on my whiteboard calendar and then take a picture of it every day before I leave the house.  It’s simple and quick and I have the whole month at-a-glance and the really important part of this is it works for me.  So many times we think we need to have the latest gadget or app in order to feel like we are “cutting edge”.  WHO CARES!  Keep is simple and do whatever works best for you.

So there you have it – my tale of a smartphone, a desk calendar and a whiteboard calendar.  It’s how I keep myself and my projects organized and it works!

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