We all have our own natural energy rhythm.  For example, you may be a morning, or a night person. You may feel more motivated during certain times of the week or month.  There are cycles of energy that occur within you. When you’re able to tap into these energy cycles, you’ll be much more productive.  And chances are, you’ll enjoy your time more too.

Maximizing Your Daily Energy Rhythm

Chances are you already know when you have the most energy during the day.  Maybe you’re a morning person or a night owl. Maybe it takes you some time to wake up and you’re more productive mid-day. Your energy cycle isn’t as important as how you use it.  For example, if you’re a night owl then you want to save your highly creative and profitable tasks for the evening hours. During the morning you’d spend your time on less important tasks like errands, bookkeeping, and email and so on.

Maximizing Your Weekly Energy Rhythm

What is your most productive day of the week? For many, the answer is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  For others, it’s Monday and Tuesday.  By Thursday or Friday the week’s energy has declined. Identify your most energetic and productive days and schedule your week accordingly. For example, if you start your week slowly then use Monday for administrative tasks and planning.  Use Tuesday, your more productive day, to make headway on major projects, to meet with clients, and to make money.

Maximizing Your Monthly and Annual Rhythm

There are actually several factors that play into your longer term energy rhythms. For example, if you live in a location that receives a lot of snow during the winters you may find that the lack of sunshine and shorter days affects your energy levels. If you have children at home during the summer months then that may affect your energy levels too. Monthly, you may find that it’s easier to start or end the month with more energy. Pay attention to your long term energy levels when you’re creating your long term plans. For example, if you know that you are less productive during the winter then plan your ebook launch for spring or summer.

Paying attention to your natural energy rhythms can have a significant impact on your productivity.  Spend some time assessing when you have the most energy during the day, week, month and year. Then take a look at your plans and schedules.  Adjust it to take advantage of your high energy times and you’ll get more done in less time.

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