You may have read this title and thought, “How is that possible? I’ll be spending more money if I hire a transcriptionist.”  This may be true initially, but what a good transcriptionist can do for you will be well worth the cost—and then some. Here are just a few of the things that you can have transcribed to earn more money in your business.

#1 Video posts: Have them transcribed and use the written version as another blog post. Optimize it with your keywords to bring in your readers. More eyes on your website can lead to more sales of your product or service.

#2 Teleseminars: If someone paid for your teleseminar then offer them the transcript as a free gift. You might be thinking, “How will that make me more money?” Your listeners will appreciate the gesture. They will want to reciprocate your kindness and may very well purchase something else from you.

#3 Product Packages: Let’s say that your package consists of a workbook, an audio and some other goodies. Add in a transcript of the audio. You are adding to the value of your package, therefore you can now increase the price. You may also reach a wider audience as there are people who prefer to read versus listen to materials.

#4 Books: You’ve been thinking about writing a book. You have all of these great ideas but you’ve been putting it off because writing isn’t your thing. You sit down at the computer, open up a blank document and just stare. Perhaps you’re a much better speaker and that comes more naturally to you. Record your thoughts for the book. Have a transcriptionist type that up and you can send it off to your writer or editor.

These are only a few of the ways that you can use transcription to increase your cash flow. Don’t let that extra money slip through your fingers. Click here to find out what you can have transcribed for your business!


Alicia is a virtual assistant specializing in transcription. She loves to help her clients make the most of their audio posts, webinars and teleclasses by re-purposing them with transcripts. Her clients include entrepreneurs, business coaches, health & fitness experts and other virtual assistants. Stop by her Facebook fan page for business tips!