Procrastination can manifest itself in many forms and for many reasons.  It’s primarily the avoidance of a task or project that needs to be done usually within a certain time frame.  Few of us have managed to escape procrastination at one time or another in our life because it’s so easy to succumb to its seductive ways.

Procrastination has many disguises:  television, internet, email, books, household chores, telephone, sleep and even the excuse of helping a friend.  Procrastinators seldom do nothing, but what they do is hardly useful.

For many the underlying root problem of your procrastination is fear and anxiety.

You feel anxious about a task so you choose to ignore it.  This is a serious problem for students who have many deadlines to meet but it’s also a growing problem for those in the home and workplace.

Fear and anxiety over not completing a task or project leads to procrastination and this in turn causes more fear of failure.  Failure fear is common but some fear success.  We delay finishing a task because we fear criticism, disapproval and negative feedback.  We had rather procrastinate than suffer the fear of shame and embarrassment of unreal expectations.

There are many ways to combat fear, anxiety and its offspring procrastination.  Realize you have a choice to succeed or not to succeed.  Set realistic goals in small increments and cultivate a sense of self worth.

Don’t focus on weaknesses.  Most fears are unfounded and irrational.  Realize you’re working against yourself, analyze them and move on.  Ask yourself the real reason you’re afraid.  Be brutally honest.  For some, exercise and deep breathing help.

For entrepreneurs, it is this type of fear can create tremendous blocks in their ability to move forward with their business and to earn money.   Most entrepreneurs enjoy working independently, having their autonomy – creating their business around their life, not the other way around.  When they come up against a task like setting up their website, or creating an series for their auto-responder, panic sets in.  They know they need a website, a newsletter, a shopping cart – but they don’t  know how to actually implement any of these things and it creates anxiety which can cause them to give up completely – or even worse, struggle to do it on their own and waste countless hours of precious time.

Working with a virtual professional is the best way to alleviate these fears.  We structure our business and services specifically to provide entrepreneurs with the level of support that they need in order to focus on their passion.  You want to earn money doing what you are passionate about – for you maybe its coaching, writing, developing products.   By hiring a virtual assistant, that is what you will spend MORE of your time doing and as a direct result – you will EARN MORE.  You will have more time for clients, more time for YOU.

There is no perfect time to begin.  Mark Twain said, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do day after tomorrow.”  The important thing is to start.  Consider hiring a virtual professional today.   We WANT to do the things you DON’T LIKE to do and will HELP you to keep moving forward in your business.


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