Hi Everyone!  I would live to introduce you to my friend Tambre Leighn.  Tambre and I met on Facebook.  She responded to a post I had placed asking if there was anyone who needed help driving some traffic to their website, or product page.  I have a large Twitter following and to be honest, I don’t have any products that are ready yet, so I started thinking about some of my Facebook friends who already have products in place and no traffic, or audience.  When Tambre shared her story and information about her product, I knew right away I wanted to help in any way that I could.  I lost my Dad to cancer almost four years ago and it still hurts.

Here is Tambre’s post entitled “From Surviving to Thriving…What’s All the Fuss?

I did it for years…the surviving thing.  It wasn’t so bad.  I worked long, crazy hours in film production until I reached a state of total burnout.  Then I sold the home I had owned with my late husband and moved back to Canada.  Spent a year studying psychotherapy and another four producing documentary films.  In between I had friends, family and a few side interests like working out and wheel pottery.

From the outside it appeared to be a pretty full life considering I was a young widow.  From the outside.  The inside ranged from numb to bruised to barely able to find the energy to get out of bed.  But something wouldn’t allow me to give up.

Even when things weren’t so dark, I often felt like I was on a treadmill to nowhere, just doing what I had to do to pay the bills and get through the day.  Not as bad as the deep well of grief I’d lived in but, after awhile, this wasn’t enough either.  Surviving was not enough.  I wanted, desired and deserved more.  And I had to make a fuss about it.

I had to experiment and seek out experiences that engaged me.  I loved writing.  I loved dancing.  To step out of surviving, I had to make a fuss about it with myself.  It meant investing time and money taking classes and practicing.  It meant taking risks and letting others in closer to me.

My greatest breakthrough came when I did the i-Thrive! Assessment.  Who knew answering questions in less than 20 minutes online could reveal to me the lifelong pattern that had been keeping me in survival mode?  For years I had run up against the same wall…long before I even met Gary, long before I lost him to cancer.

So lately I’ve been making a fuss about the i-Thrive! Assessment…because it changed my life.  Because it is changed the lives of my clients and because I believe we all deserve to thrive.

Are you merely surviving?  Are you ready for more?  Are you willing to make a fuss with yourself, set aside a little time and find out what’s keeping you from thriving to your fullest?

Yes?!  Great…click here to learn more about the i-Thrive! Assessment and then enter your name and email in my newsletter sign up box to get a coupon code that qualifies you for $100.00 off the i-Thrive! Assessment.  Regularly priced at $179.00, for a limited time only* friends and followers of the generous and wonderful Lisa Rodriguez get it through this offer for only $79.00.


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TAMBRE LEIGHN, M.A., Ct.H., CPC, ELI-MP, a certified professional coach, has combined years of study and training in the mind/body connection with her personal experience as a caregiver to her late husband whom she lost to Hodgkin’s Disease to bring you the revolutionary 7 Step i-Thrive! System. Her transformative approach has opened doors for Tambre to work as a preferred care partner or resource referral with organizations such as Premiere Oncology Foundation, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, American Cancer Society, Thrive/Survive Los Angeles, Young Adult Cancer Canada and Mesothelioma Community Resource Coaching Network. Tambre is only one of about a half a dozen cancer survivorship coaches in North America trained in the iPEC model and qualified to offer the i-Thrive! Assessment process. She has been featured in interviews and as a guest blogger or featured writer/expert on:  Cancerfreeradio.com with cancer survivor Julie Joyce,  “Let’s Talk About It”, with host cancer survivor Darren Neuberger, “Spiritually Speaking Live”, with host Stacey Marsh, “Stepping Through Grief”, with host Maureen Hunter, “Living a Legendary Life”, with host Atim Aki, “Decisive Minds” with host Michele Scism,  OpenToHope.com, OutMaturity.com, KotaPress.com